I’m in a murderous mood: slaughter the old me to reveal the real one.

I’m on a humble hike to hack the last 30 years of life.

How I’d use sports tech to sweeten the sounds & voices in my head

Photo by Shutterstock and John Nielson

Time to fill the empty seats in my mind.

Three quirky ways I get through choppy, career waters as a change expert

hethePhoto by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Twisted times call for twisted inspiration, right?

Photo by Ianja Mbola from Pexels

Screw cute Zoom backgrounds: I prefer piping hot footbaths.

What it taught me about unclogging my life.

Photo by John Nielson

I’m not stupid. Just a dense dude who’s super lazy at times.

The warning signs were obvious.

COVID can’t crush my craving for Canada’s beloved meal

Photo by John Nielson

Name: John Nielson

Age: 57
Occupation: Organizational change leader
Location: Saint Paul, MN

My personal awakening at 38th Street & Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis

Photo by John Nielson

Photo Courtesy of John Nielson

Photo Courtesy of John Nielson (Sorry!)

There’s another stench I need to get rid of: stinky thinking.

“I gained 20 pounds, at least.”

John Nielson

BUBIA! BUBIA! Be Unreasonable. Be In Action. Live, laugh, share it all with humility & hilarity. Join me at https://www.jmnielson.com

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